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Our skills and over 20 years of experience and doing work we love, make us design the most reliable entrance matting systems. They are developed according to the strict customer guidelines. Our customers can freely arrange their own dimensions, shapes, colours and workmanship. We are engaged in everything from top to bottom.

Cooperation begins by getting in touch. The customers provide us with guidelines that relate to the nature of facility and an expected level of the traffic intensity. We define the parameters of the concerned entrance and manufacture the dedicated doormats. The guidelines conveyed by the customers are decisive if it comes to durability of the manufactured mats.

We determine the remaining detailed data that applies to the assembly site. In the case of facility doormats, we use natural rubber lining in combination with a brush, and for indoor facility doormats an architectural shape of the entrance is of a decisive nature, where an applicable principle is worded as follows: the longer the mat, the better the cleaning effect.

We design our flooring systems with the utmost care and manufacture them independently and, for the most part, manually. We cut, weld, connect, shape, improve, and cut them more if needed. A grate for the doormats is welded to the size the customer wishes, then we cut the aluminium profiles according to the guidelines or  template. Then we insert the mats and the rubber spacers between them and the entire process is thorough and precise. We concentrate on quality and are perfectionists in every way.

We design entrance system mats so that they can be easily rolled up, lifted and disassembled and cleaned at any time. These operations should be carried out by the cleaning company without the need for specialised disassembly. We foresee every contingency.

As an experienced manufacturer of facility entrance matting systems, we know that the mats are frequently treated as a priority. Therefore, we guarantee an efficient performance and adherence to orders and timeliness.

Our unique shapes, colours and designs will enable customers to arrange the space in any way – quickly, at a favourable price and in line with their expectations.

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