Maintaining a floor in a perfect condition is an absolute necessity for professional entities who wish to make a good impression on customers/clients and private people. Is it feasible though when dozens, sometimes even hundreds of people visit on a daily basis? It is possible thanks to entrance matting systems! Importantly, a suitable footwear cleaning system not only guarantees you an impeccably clean floor, but also, thanks to the function of the water absorption, the risk of slipping on wet ground is minimal and thus improves people’s safety.

When trying to purchase an entrance matting system, you must remember to choose it in a manner that is suitable for your needs. First, it is important to choose a proper insert for the flooring system depending on where you want to place it. Prior to purchasing it, you should also determine what size of mat you need.

Among the aluminium flooring systems, you may distinguish the outdoor system doormats, resistant, inter alia, for the year-round temperature and humidity fluctuations as well as the indoor system matting, guaranteeing safety and cleanliness of the ground. The aluminium system mats, depending on your particular needs, are filled with an appropriate type of  insert. The inserts can be divided into rubber, brush and felt ones. Each of them fulfil different functions.

  • Natural rubber is perfect  for outdoor use. It cleans the footwear of larger dirt particles such as snow or mud.
  • Brush can be used both outside and inside a building – in corridors, halls and vestibules. This insert causes footwear to be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, and the doormat also prevents slipping even in freezing conditions.
  • Felt inserts are usually used indoors. They remove moisture from the soles of shoes, have a non-slip effect and are available in combustible and non-flammable varieties.

An entrance flooring or doormat system is an extremely versatile solution. It not only protects the floor from dirt, but also prevents excessive wear and damage. By equipping the doormats with a water absorption function, they reduce the risk of accidents involving slipping on wet ground. An investment in the entrance doormats significantly reduces the time spent on cleaning the rooms. Furthermore, enhanced by for example, a company name or a logo, they become its showcase and carry an aesthetic value.

The cleaning systems, due to their features of durability, resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations occurring throughout the year that characterise them, will be used in virtually everywhere. They are ideal for places with the intensified traffic, such as hotels, schools, hospitals, public institutions, larger enterprises, gastronomic establishments and shopping centres. They also prove themselves in private flats, houses and premises used by  small businesses. It should be emphasised that the use of the cleaning systems contribute to a significant extent to maintaining cleanliness in buildings.