What is one of the most unpleasant situations experienced by people in large public and utility facilities? What do the owners of shopping malls, schools or office buildings have to struggle with? No, it is not just about the proper organisation of work. This is about dirt. It is associated with an image. Each facility of this type should ensure that cleanliness and aesthetics are maintained. This demonstrates professionalism and a good approach towards the customers/clients, guests and employees. Therefore, facility doormats and entrance matting systems are very important. They combat dirt, protect floors and showcase your business.

The owners of shopping malls, museums, art galleries, offices, schools and medical establishments have a real challenge. Eventually,  public utility buildings – especially the really large ones – should be well-maintained, clean and encourage people to enter. The facility entrance flooring systems constitute an effective barrier to up to 80% of the dirt carried inside.

Products of this type are constructed in such a manner as to eliminate dirt. The facility mats are made out of several sections. Thanks to the aforementioned functions they remove dirt, including sand, gravel, mud, snow and all other residues. They prevent wear, tarnishing and discoloration of all types of floors.

Our aluminium entrance matting systems are comprised of three zones, including:

  • rough cleaning – capturing the largest bits dirt, including coarse one,
  • indirect treatment – catching fine-grained dirt,
  • absorption cleaning – drying footwear from moisture and retaining dust.

Due to the design, the owners are sure that their facility is fully protected against any type of dirt. This system should be used at each entrance.

Our entrance matting systems constitute an effective barrier that also prevents slipping in the entrance areas – in particular, in the winter season. As a manufacturer of aluminium doormats and entrance matting systems, we are obliged to ensure a safe entrance to a facility. We operate pursuant to the customer’s expectations, approaching each of them on the individual basis. We are not afraid of challenges, including manufacturing of doormats of a particular size. So, if a mat in the shape of a circle, trapezoid or in any other configurations is needed for the facility, we are at your disposal.

A properly selected facility entrance matting system looks like an invitation. Attention to detail speaks well for the owner. After all, nobody wants to be in a dirty, unsightly building. That is why we offer mats for  commercial facilities, where comfort and well-being of passers-by is of  particular importance. Our product range also includes very durable school doormats, where the intensity of use requires the extraordinary properties. Furthermore, we supply:

  • shops,
  • restaurants,
  • offices,
  • railway stations.

Facility entrance systems give a number of benefits for both the owner of the building and the persons who stay in it. Our mats are made from the highest quality materials. The special shape of the profiles ensures that they are suitable for very long-term use. The reps (felt strips) do not break off, they fit to any surface, and are robust and durable. Moreover, these doormats:

  • are easy to clean – they do not require the use of specialised agents,
  • improve aesthetics of floors,
  • prevent slips and falls,
  • ensure purity and an aesthetically pleasing appearance,
  • have an impact on the impeccable image of the facility,
  • reduce the cost of frequent cleaning,
  • are resistant to external factors.

The industrial mats and floor matting systems are also used in museums, industrial plants, transport companies, car dealerships and gyms, swimming pools, at airports and in all places where there is a high volume of traffic.